The Hound Of The Baskervilles

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The Hound Of The Baskervilles || Nov. 30th - Dec. 3rd, 2023

Adapted by Kent R. Brown. Inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's novel.

Sherlock Holmes and his faithful sidekick, Dr. John Watson, have left on an extended holiday throughout Europe, leaving their nieces—Shirley Holmes and Jennie Watson—to keep an eye on the famous flat at 221B Baker Street. Shirley, studying logic, and Jennie, studying medicine, are busy preparing for upcoming exams when there's a knock on the door. It's Dr. Maxine Mortimer and Sir Henry Baskerville, who've come to seek the assistance of the famous Sherlock Holmes. Sir Charles Baskerville has died a mysterious death. Is he the most recent victim of the Curse of the Baskervilles—a curse linked to the nightmarish tales of a supernatural hound that haunts the murky moors of Devonshire? But wait, there's more! The young Sir Henry, the only surviving heir to the Baskerville legacy, has received a threat against his life! Something must be done! There's no time to recall Holmes and Watson from their trip. "We're all you've got," says Shirley. "We're up to the challenge," chimes Jennie. And indeed they are! In this fast-paced adaptation, full of wailing hounds, thundering hooves, and the slithering mists of the moor, Shirley and Jennie follow the trail of evidence and intrigue until, at last, they are confronted by the ravenous Hound itself!


Performance Dates & Times

  • Wednesday, Nov 29th - Senior Preview - 4:00 pm
  • Thursday, Nov 30th - Opening Night - 7:00 pm
  • Friday, Dec 1st - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday, Dec 2nd - Senior Recognition Night - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday, Dec 3rd - Matinee - 1:00 pm

Important Information

Location: Centennial High School Performing Arts Center

Run Time: Under 2 hours with a 15 minute intermission.

Age Recommendation: TBD

Accessibility: Senior Preview Day (senior citizens and individuals with special needs get a sneak peek at this fun show) to be announced. Our theater is handicap accessible and has seating available for those with wheelchairs or who need extra space. Please let our liaison ( know if you need additional assistance.

*Fog and strobe lights may be used in this production.

Click here for the Fall Play Schedule.

Watch The Hound Of The Baskervilles on YouTube Here

Elle, Riley, Natalie, & Jacob Spill The Tea On The Hound Of The Baskervilles

The Hound Of The Baskervilles: A Comic Thriller Starring Shirley Holmes and Jennie Watson at CHS, Fall 2023

A conversation with some of the actors in The Hound Of The Baskervilles at Centennial Theatre.

Full name and grade

Elle Hinds, senior

Jacob Brewster, senior

Natalie Clarys, senior

Riley Eckman, junior

Have you done the musicals/plays before? If so how many?

Elle: Yes, I have been in theater since I was eight.

Jacob: Yes, two others. I was in the play and musical last year.

Natalie: Yes, I have. I have been engaged with Centennial Theater since my 7th grade year, when we performed “Singin’ in the Rain.” Since then, I have been an avid member of the organization, having performed in 3 other plays and 5 musicals. I have enjoyed everyone immensely, and it’s been an honor to have been a part of this program.

Riley: I've been involved with every show at Centennial since I was in 6th grade. So roughly 5 years now.

Tell us about your character:

Elle: My character is Jennie Watson and I would describe her as being kind of like a puppy, very excitable, outgoing, and always seeking the validation of others wanting to do her best.

Jacob: I am Sir Henry Baskerville… he’s a courageous super good-looking dude that is a little bit arrogant. He doesn’t really know what’s going on but he’s there for the adventure.

Natalie: I play Dr. Maxine Mortimer, and to say that she’s eccentric would be a gross understatement. She’s the town doctor and is very self- convicted, which I have really, really enjoyed portraying on the stage. She’s not exactly a detective herself, so the incredible feats of both Jennie Watson and Shirley Holmes prove to be incredibly impressive to her, although she’s skeptical of the two women at first. In a word, she’s spunky. Very, very spunky.

Riley: I play Shirley Holmes. She is a college student who is studying logic and philosophy so that she can be just like her uncle, Sherlock. She is insanely smart and really observant.

What do you enjoy about that role?

Elle: She is a type of character that I’ve never played before usually I’ve played more stoic characters but playing her is a whole different feel.

Jacob: It's fun to play someone who is so oblivious to everything that is going on around them.

Natalie: I love that in playing the role, I get to completely disregard any sort of social norm that’s been constructed and allow myself to be as unhinged as possible. Frankly, it’s freeing to be able to hop on the stage and release any weird impulse of facial or bodily characterization that would normally merit some really awkward glances in the public eye. It’s unlike any role I have ever played before, and I can say that with conviction.

Riley: I enjoy playing Shirley because she's so far away from any other character I've played before. She's funny, but in a way that's so different than what I'm used to playing.

What would you say sets this show apart from other ones CHS has done in the past?

Elle: This play has a lot more fog than our normal shows… but in all seriousness, it is the funniest show I’ve ever been in, it’s a totally different vibe than other shows we’ve done in the past.

Jacob:  It’s a comedy, it’s laughable, literally. all the other plays we’ve done have been pretty serious.

Natalie: We haven’t dabbled much with a dark comedy aspect, at least to my knowledge. “The Hound of the Baskervilles” truly is a one-of-a-kind show, in that it creates a beautiful culmination of both a dramatic and gripping tale while also showcasing the comedic talents of the cast, not to mention the incredibly constructed set pieces and lighting design by our wonderful crew members. By comparison to other shows, this particular one exposes audiences to the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in such a way that is approachable and undaunting. The play has been transformed into a comedy with a combination of both traditional and modern language (that’s quite funny if I do say so myself), and audiences are able to engage equally with the story and enjoy it for all that it’s worth, without a barrier of confusing language. I love it.

Riley: This show is different from others we've done in the past because it's a comedy. The last few shows we've done at the high school have been dramas, So getting to do a comedy has been different and really exciting!

What are some challenges that you have faced with this show?

Elle: It’s definitely trying not to break character. our cast is so immensely talented and funny, it gets really hard not to laugh at jokes or bits that they do, or be too enthralled by their acting.

Jacob: Trying to keep a straight face while being on stage, especially being with Natalie (Dr. Mortimer) with her silly character.

Natalie: Personally, this is my first time ever even attempting a British accent (to any degree), so it’s been a bit of a struggle in trying to attempt an accent without offending everyone. I’ve slowly had to come to terms with the fact that it’s not perfect, but I can work it in such a way that adds to the character. Performing in this show has been a lesson in improvising, adapting, and overcoming.

Riley: Honestly there hasn't been much I've struggled with so far, besides memorizing lines and trying not to laugh in the middle of a scene when my character is supposed to be the serious one.

Why should people see this show?

Elle: It’s a show that Centennial hasn’t done before, I believe the audience will leave with a sense of joy, and their face hurting from so much laughter.

Jacob: people should see the show cause it’s a comedy and people will get a good laugh out of it, and the story is easy to track.

Natalie: Long story short, it’s funny and a great representation of how devoted to the program the cast and crew are. Our director, Eric Webster, has worked immensely with the cast on character work and slapstick comedy, which is unlike anything that we’ve attempted before. It’s a perfect combination of classic literature and humor, not to mention incredible costuming and set design, making it the perfect outing for any person who wishes to attend. Generally, it’s just a super fun show with an indescribable amount of character.

Riley: People should see this show because it's really funny! Sherlock Holmes is classic, and this show takes that love for mystery and drama and makes it hilarious and exciting.

Anything else you want to add?

Elle: I’ve loved this show so much, definitely an amazing show to have for my senior year. I hope everyone can come see all the hard work everyone has been putting in!

Jacob: ummmmmm I’ve had a great time working with all the people in the cast. definitely a way to add to my senior year.

Natalie: We’d love to see you at the show. We will be selling some cookies for a buck! Stay tuned for our Spring Production of “The Little Mermaid” in May, details coming soon!

Riley: This show has been so fun to be a part of, and I can't wait for people outside of the cast and crew to get to see it.