Lettering Criteria

Those involved in theater at Centennial High School as cast/crew/volunteer can earn points towards a Varsity Theater letter based on their participation in productions

The lettering criteria for Theater is set up to earn a letter based on a high level of participation and commitment. Unlike other activities, theater letters are not performance or skill-based, they are participation based. For Theater, the parameters of a high level of participation is defined by roughly a 60% participation level in the program, in the opportunities offered within the program. Our program is on the very lenient end of lettering requirements, as 60% is still MUCH lower than what is required in other activities in our school and in other schools.

We offer 5 programs to participate in and multiple opportunities to add additional points for additional participation. The level of responsibility for each opportunity is also factored into the points assigned.

Therefore a letter is automatic for participation in 3 or more of the programs in a school year. If a student participated in less than three, then we offer multiple opportunities outside of those programs to earn letter points. We also are open to offering points for participation in other unique ways that are submitted and proposed by the student, and created by the student.

Our lettering criteria and point assignment is representative of what is considered a high level of participation.

To receive a Varsity Letter, a student must have earned a total of 40 points or more for the year.


20 – Stage Manager /Student Director

15 – ANY cast actor role

15 – Tech/Crew member

– Booth/Set and Props/Make-up/Costuming/Running Crew

5 – Additional 5 points if on more than one crew per show or in cast and a crew per show.

10 - Any tech/crew lead position

Booth Director / Lead Student Costumer/Lead Make up/Props Master/Set Crew Lead

5 - Video Camera operator for a show

15 – Interactive Character/Pre-show Character

20 – Student Director or Student Choreographer for MS or HS

5 - Dance Captain


20 – Stage Manager /Student Director

15 – ANY role in One Act Play

10 – Tech/Crew member for One-Act show


15 – Participant in Improv

20 - Improv Captain




HS student that Volunteers at Centennial Middle School for Play, Musical, Improv or MS Speech Rehearsals. OR as student assistant, Student Director, or assisting with MS tech, or judging speech. 1 point per volunteer day.

1 – Ushering or volunteering at any HS or MS performance or MS speech tournament.

(1 point per performance/tournament).

5 + - Volunteering for Centennial Youth Theater Summer Programs.

1 or more – Points assigned by Directors at their discretion for work above and beyond.

President/Vice President/Student Theater Board - Automatic Letter if full participant for the entire school year.

10 – Student Marketing

15 – Understudy for a lead role