Tenets of Centennial Theatre

"Where Everyone Belongs"


We commit to . . .
We strive to . . .

. . . programs that welcome and nurture

  • To create a safe environment where all students of all backgrounds and experiences feel safe, supported, and respected.
  • To offer programs that are not only inclusive of all student’s backgrounds and experiences but programs that welcome and nurture all levels of theater experience.
  • To teach students the fundamentals of the craft and art of theater, both on and off stage.
  • To create a vibrant and committed Booster program with high participation levels from Centennial parents, volunteers, and supporters.
  • To support the Boosters in their fundraising efforts in order to ensure the necessary flow of income needed to build the theater program at Centennial.
  • To cultivate a strong and vibrant relationship with our larger community as well as our volunteer and community-oriented programs led by our Student Board and Presidents.
  • To combine the MS and HS theater programs into one program, with the same philosophy, leadership, and support for both programs.
  • To establish the Centennial Theater Programs as destination programs in the state of Minnesota for theater students.
  • To invest in a promotions and sales team that facilitates interest in our programs both on campus and in the community.
  • To cultivate a strong and involved Centennial Alumni program, which allows graduates to participate in our theater programs as well our Alumni Summer Stock productions and Improv Teams.

Expectations of Students in the program

When called show up on time.

  • Get off book on your own – The flexibility and convenience of short efficient rehearsal schedule relies on you doing work on your own.
  • Play well with others. Respect for everybody in the program.
  • Checking your email and all communications. Stay on top of what is happening and when.
  • Respect everyone's time, in the time that we have together. Know your schedule. Come focused and ready to go.

Big Role/Small Role

A mindset of a “Big role” and a “Small role” is a misconception of how theater works and an inaccurate perception. Theater is a group of people with one goal, to tell a story, and hopefully inspire, motivate, and touch an audience with that story. To accomplish that, everybody has a job to do, and if one person is not doing their job, the entire goal, the entire production, and the overall effectiveness of the goal of telling this story, can, and will, unravel. The mindset is; People do different jobs to accomplish the same goal, in which we all take equal part, responsibility, and credit for its success.

So consequently, ALL roles are equally important and are treated as such by both the staff and the cast and crew. The recognition of the importance of all roles in a production is imperative to the success of a show, and recognition and understanding of that belief are tantamount and required to participate in the Centennial Theater Program. If you have a pre-conceived impression of the importance a role has to a show, or to yourself, either keep that perception to yourself for the good of, and success of this show, or consider not auditioning for this program. Any disruption to the production of the show, or the general chemistry of the team of cast and crew, that is caused by a student’s dissatisfaction with their role and participation in the show, will result in immediate consultation and meeting with the student’s family and administration and could result in immediate dismissal from the production.