"Apeiron on Stage"

Apeiron (Appear-in) is a Greek word meaning unlimited, and boundless.

“Apeiron in Theater” or "Apeiron on Stage" will be producing a play or musical every year that will launch (TBD) of 2024.

The program will be designed to give the opportunity of theater performance for the physically challenged, handi-capable,  and differently-abled students in our district.

Students participating in the program will be teamed up with students in the theater program, “Apeiron Companions”, who will be with them through the process of rehearsal and performance and cultivating their potential to tell beautiful stories on the stage.

The program is open to students HS level in our community.

Brandy Eckman will be using her experience in this field to be the manager of the program in the sense of administration, fundraising, and communication with the families.

Eric Webster will be part of the Directing and Production team for the program.

We will be raising money through donations or sponsorship for this program so there is no charge for participants and their families.

Rehearsals will be less than an hour to accommodate the needs of our students.

We will be working with admin for support with Paras and other leaders in this field to assist with the program.

Students who are “Apeiron Companions” will receive an automatic letter in theater.

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