Centennial Theatre Boosters Scholarships

Scholarships will be awarded to students who have fostered our belief of “Where Everyone Belongs” and those who have demonstrated acts of community service and/or who have demonstrated leadership abilities during their time at Centennial Theatre.

  • 2 - $1000 scholarships each year - each recipient must be majoring or minoring in theatre to receive this scholarship.
    One per year for college Freshmen and a scholarship will be paid to recipients at the end of their Freshman year of college.

    • Proof of completion of their year of theatre must be in the form of a college transcript or a letter on school letterhead from their theatre director.
  • 2 - $500 scholarships each year - each recipient must be involved in community theatre, or college theatre to receive this scholarship. They do not need to be majoring or minoring in theatre but do need to show involvement in the theatre scene by way of a Playbill, a letter from a director on the theatre’s letterhead, etc.
    • One theatre participation per semester for college Freshmen and a scholarship will be paid to recipients at the end of their Freshman year of college.

How to Qualify

  • Any current graduating Centennial High School senior who has participated in either improv, one-act, speech, the fall play, or the spring musical as cast or crew for at least three years of their middle school and/or high school theater participation, with at least one year in high school; and who is enrolling at a college, university, or technical institute of higher learning may apply; applicant must also participate in theatre during their college years.
  • 3 years of theatre in any capacity in middle school and/or high school in Centennial Theatre (isd12).
    • 1 year of that in any capacity at Centennial High School Theatre. The applicant must have been involved in the Centennial High School Theatre Department for at least one year of their three years in Centennial Theatre.
  • Majoring, minoring, or being involved in community theatre in any capacity
  • This applies to any crew position or cast member

How to Apply for the Centennial Theatre Boosters Scholarship

  • The applicant will need to submit their application for the scholarship prior to January 15th of each year.
  • The application should include a letter of recommendation from at least one theatre director who knows the applicant's theatre history and has worked with them. The other letter of recommendation must come from another adult in their life (not a parent or guardian, but can be a family member) stating why they should be considered. Two letters of recommendation are required to apply.
  • The student must write an essay on what theatre has meant to them, and why they are continuing theatre in the next chapter of their life.
  • Note: Description of Service and Personal Essay must be typed (both parts) and emailed to marketing@centennialtheatre.org with the subject line “CTB SCHOLARSHIP - Your Name - APPLICATION” by January 15th, 2024.
  • Students are only eligible for one scholarship from Centennial Theatre Boosters in total. It can be combined with other scholarships, but not from Centennial Theatre Boosters.
  • Applicants must submit the Google Form Application that will be submitted to the marketing person to collect the applications along with emails from the applicants to put letters of recommendation, their essays, and form submissions together to present to the scholarship review committee before the January booster meeting. This is a separate meeting, not a regular booster meeting.
  • At the February or March booster meeting, the chair of the review committee will put forth the applicants for a vote from the full boosters in attendance.
  • The review committee shall not have any senior parents on it, nor shall senior parents be allowed to vote on the applicants.
  • Applicants will be anonymous to the review committee and to the general boosters membership. Only the marketing director or secretary (if one of them has a senior who is applying) and the Centennial Theatre directors will know who each applicant is. This will keep the process fair to all involved.
  • The marketing director or secretary (if one of them has a senior who is applying) and Centennial Theatre Directors will not be on the review committee.
  • The marketing director or secretary (if one of them has a senior who will be applying) will redact any personal information from the application form, personal essays, and letters of recommendation to keep the applicants anonymous.
  • Letters of recommendation and applicant’s essays will be emailed to the review committee before the review meeting so that everyone is prepared to vote when they arrive.
  • The 4 applicants chosen through the review process will have their information (letters of recommendation and essays) sent to the general booster membership before the February or March meeting so that everyone can vote at the general meeting in February or March.
  • The scholarships will be awarded at our End of Year Not a Banquet Celebration.