2022-2023 Season Shows at Centennial Middle School

Fall Play at Centennial Middle School

"An Inconvenient Squirrel" | November 2nd - November 5th, 2022

A squirrel, whose inconvenient nature stems from the fact that he/she refuses to accept a name defining their essential characteristic the way every other squirrel in the tree has. The inconvenient squirrel and his obnoxious friend “Socially Awkward” Squirrel undertake a sort of walkabout during which they encounter “Thinks He’s a Pirate” Squirrel and “Master Thespian” Squirrel, ultimately spurring a climactic confrontation between “Evil Genius” Squirrel and the inconvenient squirrel’s father “Really Important” Squirrel that results in a shocking revelation about the true nature of the “Big Ol’ Tree”.

In the end, there’s a positive message about the importance of being yourself.

Written by Twin Cities Playwrite Joseph Scrimshaw

“It’s the kind of family show that’s actually a family show, with a clever script that will entertain patrons of all ages and a comic energy that will captivate the dull kids as well as the sharp ones.” - Star Tribune